Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January 2012 Reads

For those of you who still happen to stop by this blog from time to time-thank you, and sorry! I've really let this blog kind of go by the way-side (is that the right way to put it?) in the past year or so. I don't want to completely stop, but I must admit my book reviews have gotten pretty lame, so I'm going to try something a bit different. So here we go...

Here is what I read in January:
1. Knit One Pearl One - Gil McNeil
2. The House By the Sea - Santa Montefiore
3. The Magician King - Lev Grossman
4. Bossypants - Tina Fey
5. Seriously...I'm Kidding - Ellen Degeneres (Audiobook)
6. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress - Rhoda Jenzen

The first four books were Christmas gifts and I devoured them!! I was so looking forward to the Magician King (Grossman's follow-up to the Magicians) but was a bit disappointed. It was good-but after reading a few "lighter" books I wasn't really in the mood for it, however I pushed through because I wanted to have it finished to bring back to Winnipeg last weekend so the rest of my family could read it.

The last three books on that list (I am counting Bossypants in both lists) for my new book club! I joined the new book club at the Red Deer Public Library and instead of us all reading the same book, we are reading by genre/theme. The genre for February is biographies and memoirs. I used to listen to audiobooks ALL the time in grad school because I was driving so much between Fargo/Moorhead and Winnipeg and I really enjoyed listening to Ellen's book-especially considering she's the one reading it!! I also started reading Unbroken, but I had to return it to the library and to be honest I wasn't totally enthralled.

You can click on the links above to go to the page for each book or to the author's or publisher's website because I will not be reviewing each of them (at least for now).

My favourite book of January 2012: Knit One Pearl One - Gil McNeil
My least favourite book of January 2012:  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress - Rhoda Jenzen