Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Canada Reads Independently 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, Kerry Clare at Pickle Me This is hosting Canada Reads Independently 2011 and put up her selection today. I am in! Here it is:

  • The Book: Play the Monster Blind by Lynn Coady The Champion: Sheree Fitch
  • The Book: Truth and Bright Water by Thomas King The Champion: Nathalie Foy
  • The Book: Still Life With June by Darren Greer The Champion: Chad Pelley
  • The Book: Home Truths by Mavis Gallant The Champion: Carrie Snyder
  • The Book: Be Good by Stacey May Fowles The Champion: Robert J. Wiersema 
 Luckily for me all books are available at the good old TPL! I have put all of the Canada Reads  and Canada Reads Independently 2011 books on hold-don't worry they are all inactive so they won't come all at once! I think I will try to read one book from each list at the same time/alternate between the two lists.

First up to become "activated" (that means I want them NOW!) are:

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  1. I am so glad you'll be taking part, and in both challenges, which is just double the good books-- not a bad thing. Thanks for the link.


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