Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review: Catching Fire AND Mockingjay

I finished Suzanne Collins' second novel in the Hunger Games Trilogy earlier this week (Catching Fire) and the final volume today (Mockingjay). As I mentioned in my post about the first book The Hunger Games, I don't really want to tell you anything about any of these books because I think you should discover them completely on your own. I had also mentioned that I don't tend to gravitate toward young adult (YA) novels, but  Collins may have changed my mind. All three books were fantastic, and I can't believe how the series ended-I couldn't have guessed any of it -and  I definitely had some tears in my eyes!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this trilogy and am a bit disappointed to now be finished them. I highly recommend giving The Hunger Games Trilogy a chance! 

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