Thursday, May 26, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Rut

btt buttonQuestion May 26, 2011: Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

My answer:  I have definitely had that feeling before!! Sometimes I like to immerse myself in a particular author or genre-but I usually have enough after about 2-3 books-especially if there are a bunch of other books I want to read. My last book review post was about Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea cycle and I did feel like I was a bit stuck in a  self created rut because I wanted to read all 4 books in a row, but there were so many baby related books I wanted to read I had a hard time concentrating on anything else!  Generally speaking though, I think I do read a bit of a variety from sci-fi and fantasy, to literature (often what's popular), historical fiction, nd now some YA too.

What about you my dear readers??


  1. Well I found myself in a Baby Book Bonanza the last few months. I have over loaded my brain with everything from breast feeding twins to how to pack a diaper bag. I looked on my book shelf and to my surprise there was a book that I never even picked up. tuesdays with Morrie... have you read it? I enjoyed it a lot, it was an easy, uplifting read in between baby madness... I have a few notes now jotted down from books you have read and shall dive right in!
    Great Blog

  2. I am soooo far behind your blog Sara. Sorry but visiting you, and personal loss of a friend (as you know and visiting you again, and getting my garden in I have finally looked at your blog tonight! Wow this is way far back but here we go....Yes I have to change genres every once in awhile. I like mysteries but then I get into spiritual books and then I am interested in all the books you read, and as you are going throught pregnancy for sure your interest is there. Short answer...I switch it up every now and then.


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