Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review: Minding Frankie

Two books so far this month-woooohooooo!!! I just finished Maeve Binchy's latest novel Minding Frankie. I actually got this one for Christmas but because of the 2nd line in the description I thought I would be too emotional to read it while pregnant (and it's a good thing I waited).

From the author's website: "Baby Frankie is born into an unusual family. Her mother is desperate to find someone to take care of her child and she doesn't have much time. Noel doesn't seem to be the most promising of fathers but despite everything, he could well be Frankie's best hope. As for Lisa, she is prepared to give up everything for the man she loves; surely he's going to love her back? And Moira is having none of it. She knows what's right, and has the power to change the course of Frankie's life... but Moira is hiding secrets of her own. Minding Frankie is a story about unconventional families, relationships which aren’t quite what they seem, and the child at the heart of everyone's lives".  

I love Maeve Binchy's work but the last few novels haven't been as great as some of her earlier ones, but I thoroughly enjoyed Minding Frankie! It was a quick easy read-which is what I need right now!

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