Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Review: The Reading Group

I just finished Elizabeth Noble's The Reading Group (I was determined to finish it tonight so that it would count as my 4th book in November). I picked this up at Chapters a few weeks ago because it was in the bargain section and well, look at the title!! The Reading Group is about a small group of women who all at least sort of know each other, who meet up once a month  to -you guessed it!- have a book club. I miss my Toronto book club terribly. I really miss reading a book and discussing it with people, but mostly I miss the women!! After meeting on a monthly basis for a few years I was getting to be really close with some of the members and I miss their friendship so much! Ok back to the was told from the different voices of the women in the group as well as some of the significant people in their lives. These women dealt with everything you can think of over the course of a, loss, betrayal, pregnancy, weddings, sickness, name it and it happened to at least one of these women. A light easy but engrossing read-I do recommend it!

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