Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In case you hadn't noticed, I've been MIA. You did notice??? THANK YOU!!!!! Well if you noticed then you are likely my family, or one of three people in Toronto who follow my blog (I love you guys!!), if you are someone else, then THANK YOU again!!  And if you noticed then you probably figured out that I have been MIA because OUR BABY FINALLY SHOWED UP (aka was born)!! Almost a week late!! His name is FĂ©lix and he is absolutely beautiful!! He is now 2  1/2 weeks old and is doing very well-gaining weight like you wouldn't believe!! Now our little family of two is now three and it is wonderful!
So I will do my best to try to add a post here and there as we get settled in, but I don't have much time or interest in reading, I'm kind of busy feeding, and sleeping-and sleep is largely thanks to the most amazing husband in the entire world (seriously!!) and my parents almost constant help right now!!


  1. I noticed :) yay baby!

  2. Babies do that!!!!!! I promise it will get better and more normal.

  3. Congratulations! What a happy time, enjoy it all.

  4. Oh my goodness! We have fallen in love again, but this time with our Grandson Felix! We had a wonderful visit but as always it goes too fast and I miss him already! Sara can you add "read-to"books on your list of reading? Ha. Ha. You will have to work on your focusing...I think having children kills you little grey cells (your brain). You'll get it back maybe not all intact but most of it. Love You.


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