Saturday, March 20, 2010

In between

I recently asked a friend to read A Fine Balance at the same time as me. I bought the book a few weeks ago (at Seekers for $4.99!!) and started it last week, but forgot to mention it to her until I was about 100 pages in, and am now about a third of the way through. I decided to set it aside to read a few other books in between to let her catch up.

I just finished What Boys Like and Other Stories by Amy Jones, a Canadian writer. I don't typically read short stories because in my mind I don't really like them. Why you ask? Ummmm...I'm not sure. This is similar to how I often think I don't like certain foods even though I've never had them. Fish and seafood do NOT belong in this "I think I don't like it" category because I try it every opportunity I get and STILL DON'T LIKE IT!!

OK, back to the book-I found myself reading this collection because I somehow made my way to Amy's blog-which is pretty awesome, and figured if I liked her blog maybe I'd like her short stories. Guess what?? I did!!

What are your feelings on short stories?

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  1. Thanks, Sara! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book!


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