Wednesday, March 24, 2010

an uphill battle

I am struggling through More by Austin Clarke in honour of The Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading month. I'm really not enjoying it. To the point where I have twice considered not finishing it. I never do that! The redeeming factor is that it is set in Toronto and whenever I recognize a landmark/intersection/street I think "Hey I know where that is!" and to be honest with you, I kind of like that feeling.

So I guess I have to finish to keep getting those warm fuzzy "I live in Toronto" feelings that make this feel more and more like home! (Sorry mom!!)

What do you do when you aren't enjoying a book-Keep plugging along or close up shop??


  1. Yeah that last comment kinda breaks my heart! About a book that you don't like and can't finish reading....I put it away sometimes for a year or so and then I try reading it again. Sometimes it's where I am in my life that I just can't be in that place with that book and when I pick it up later I think oh now I'm ready to read this! Othertimes there have been books that I've tried again and its a no-go and I never want to try and read them again.

  2. thanks for the comment mom!! :)


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