Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Day

I usually spend most of the weekend reading. Not this weekend!! This is what I did instead:

9:50am Wake up-I love sleeping in!

11:00am Watched The Golden Compass-thank you Toronto Public Library!

1:00pm Showered

2:00pm Started laundry

4:00pm Finished laundry, went for a walk

5:00pm hung out at Chapters

5:30pm Went to the movie theater to watch Avatar (it started at 6:10 but we were done with Chapters). When we got there the theater was EMPTY!!

6:10pm Theater is now packed!!! Put on the awesome "Real D" 3D glasses

6:20pmHeadache sets in from the 3D and the suffocating smell of perfume from behind AND beside us

9:00pm Leave theater, walk home. (Didn't really expect to like the movie but REALLY enjoyed it!!)

9:45pm Get did it take so long to walk?? Not sure.

10:00pm Pretty in Pink is on!! Did you realize that Ducky is Alan on Two and a Half Men!!!

Now Watching Pretty in Pink and Blogging

Up next Reading! Or falling asleep.

My awesome 3D glasses. Every time Dave looked at me in the theater he started laughing...and then I looked at him and started laughing.

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  1. You look funny! I have the same glasses at home and I'm sure I look just as goofy! You make me laugh!


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