Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review: The Book of Unholy Mischief

The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newark is parts historical fiction, mystery, and a coming of age tale. An interesting take on the church's tug-of-war against science and learning.

In 1498, Venetians are consumed with the search for an ancient book with unbelievable powers -love potions, immortality, and a recipe for gold. Luciano, an orphan street boy is picked off the streets to become the apprentice to the chef at the doge's palace. Luciano and his best friend Marco dream of what they will do if they are able to find-and sell this amazing book. Luciano plans on rescuing Francesca from her dreary life in the convent, marrying her and starting a life together in the New World. As Luciano comes to respect and gain the trust of the chef, he is introduced into the secret world of the chefs, learned men who are the keepers, Guardians of the ancient book that has caused an uproar throughout Italy and across the continent.

The Book of Unholy Mischief held my attention from beginning to end-I really enjoyed it! My only criticism is that although I really like the title, I don't think it really fits the story. It was originally published under the title "Bones of the Dead", but I don't like that much either!


  1. Sounds veerrry interesting, how did you find this book?

  2. the way i come a cross many many books-looking up another book on amazon and somehow clicking my way through the "customers who bought this item also bought..." section!


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