Monday, August 9, 2010

Vending machines for library books??

The star website has provided me with TWO book related posts this week. YAY!!

Apparently the Toronto Public Library (I heart the TPL by the way) is investigating the idea of placing a vending machine for library books at Union Station.

In the words of my mom "How cool is that?" Seriously though? How cool is that?

Pretty cool I'd say!

Not so cool: The Star used the same picture for this article AND for the article I referred to in my previous post. Come on guys, if you've got a subscription to Shutterstock, they have over
14,000 options for "stack of books", pick a new one!


  1. Vending machine for borrowing books?!? weird.

  2. Yeah How cool is that!!!! I would love to see it!


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