Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: Still Alice

Lisa Genova's Still Alice is an amazing book that looks at early-onset Alzheimer's and its impact on a family. I felt so many emotions while reading this book, and on several occasions I actually had to stop and put it down. Alzheimer's disease, and really any form of dementia is terrifying. I can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like if it happened to my grandparents-never mind to my parents-or even to myself!

The relationships between members of any family are usually complex, and I felt that Genova really does this justice. I thankfully do not have much close personal experience with Alzheimer's, but I truly felt that Genova gave an accurate account of what it would feel like to watch yourself and/or your loved go through such a painful process with no hope that it will get better.

I know people who have read this book that do have loved ones with Alzheimer's and how it was often difficult to read because they could see similarities between Alice and their own loved ones.

Genova does an excellent job of melding her academic knowledge with storytelling-it feels neither patronizing nor full of jargon. A great read!

Have you read any books that made you think about a situation that you or a loved one were experiencing?


  1. Hey Sara - I finally read "Still Alice" also and it definitely reflected what my Nana went through. Amazing book but definitely a difficult read!!!

  2. As commented before this book helped me put in perspective what our friend is truly going through and enabled us to make easier choices when speaking with her. We make sure we don't point out the mistakes, include her in conversation even if it doesn't make sense at times. I really enjoyed the book because of the emotions that came to life within me. I also hope that whoever would ever be affected could also have some of the humor that is so required in those most difficult situations. I don't think I laughed so much when she was struggling with her "bra" and could still laugh at the situation. A truly remarkable book.


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