Monday, April 19, 2010

Children and books

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I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. I remember being excited to go to the library after school in Junior High and my friends thinking that was weird. My dad was an avid reader and I was always scouring his shelves for something to read-that's where my love of Science Fiction and Fantasy came from-I do enjoy Isaac Asimov!!!

The Star had an article (Children who grow up with books fare better) today on how having books at home impacts children around the world. Not a new idea but interesting nevertheless.

Did you love to read growing up or was it something you developed an appreciation for as an adult?


  1. I have always loved to read! I had a bookmobile (trailer) come to my street every week, so I didn't have to get my parents to drive me to a library. I would get out at least 15 books every week!

  2. That is like a dream come true!!

  3. We did not have a library in my junior years but we did have the ability to order books from the city library delivered by mail every 2 weeks and it was like shopping in the mall for us!!! It was sure exciting to open up the package when it arrived. As for books and children I so agree. My children were encouraged to the umpth degree to order from Scholastic on a monthly basis throughout their school years and we always loved those arrivals. I like to think that I did a good job passing on my love of reading even if I took a hiatus from reading. I hope computers, Iphones etc do not ever replace the wonder of finding and reading a new book.

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  5. Hey Sara,

    I like that you post questions on your blog. I was never much of a reader as a boy and it wasn't until Jr. High that I really started.
    Take care,
    Jesse V.

  6. I started reading to you and your sister as early as I can remember. I recall reading many books with you while you were very little, especially at bedtime and also remember Scholastic Books at Elementary School. I , like Doris, also took a hiatus from reading, I think all mothers do. And I also remember going to the library after school. I love having a day where I can go to the library and take my time. I like to sit there and go through magazines and look through the mystery paperbacks! I love the library! I love to read at bedtime, it takes my mind off everything and I can totally relax and enjoy the book I'm reading.

  7. I fogot to say that I also loved reading as a child. When I was a child my Dad travelled and when he went away I would ask for a Nancy Drew book or The Hardy Boy Books. I think I always liked the Hardy Boys better but I don't remember why. I could hardly wait for those books and I guess that's where my love of mysteries comes from. As you know Sara, I am also collecting the original books from the 1950s and have bought a few from Toronto as well as one being a gift from you and Dave.


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