Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review: Resurrection

Another late review!! I read Resurrection by Tucker Malarkey over the holidays. I actual bought the books for $1 at Seekers, with the intention of finishing it Winnipeg and leaving it behind. That didn't happen!

As with many of my late reviews, I tend to forget things/get lazy, so here is an excerpt from the book's website:
"Resurrection draws on actual events surrounding the discovery of the Lost Gospels of Nag Hammadi. Suppressed by officials of the early Church, these sacred texts disappeared nearly two thousand years ago and were rediscovered unexpectedly in the 1940’s in the desert south of Cairo. Around these remarkable events, Tucker Malarkey has crafted a suspenseful and eye-opening tale of love and war, religion and murder.

When Gemma Bastian receives a telex that her archaeologist father has been found dead in Cairo, she flies from ravaged post-World War II London to Egypt to bury his ashes and close his affairs. While staying at the home of her father’s oldest friend in Cairo, Gemma finds nothing is as it seems. She is both helped and hindered by David Lazar’s handsome enigmatic sons, half brothers who appeal to different parts of her war-weary heart."

I really enjoyed this book!! It was a little bit of a mystery but not too much and a little bit history, which I love! The love story line that runs through was a bit lame to be honest with you, but I was able to get past that! Totally worth $1!!!


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  1. Wow Resurection looks quite interesting. I might have to read this along with the other ten or so other books on my nighttable!


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