Sunday, January 9, 2011


As many of you my know from reading previous posts, my husband starts s new job in Red Deer next week, and he went yesterday. Sigh. I am doing ok (so is he) but not really feeling like chatting too much. I feel better today than yesterday, but have been keeping myself occupied. How you may ask, am I keeping myself occupied if I don't feel like talking (because if you know me you know I am always talking!!), I will tell you. In fact I will show you too!
1. Watched some movies (When in Rome, How to Train Your Dragon), as well as beginning Season 4 of Mad Men.

2. Knitting!! Yay!!I've been meaning to start a new project for a while and thought this was a perfect time! Dave helped me pick out some wool on Friday and I have started a baby blanket-for our baby!! Actually knitting kept me somewhat sane yesterday because it helped keep my mind focused.

3. I cleaned a bit. Who cleans when they're sad? Me apparently. I did dishes and cleaned the bathroom. I might even do a load of laundry tonight. But probably not.

4. I'm reading a FANTASTIC book my aunt (and uncle) gave me for Christmas called The Sea Captain's Wife. It's the kind of book you want to read super fast and super slow at the same time because it's so good but you don't want it to be over.

5. I did a Prenatal Pilates DVD today. My abs are totally feeling it. I'd like to pretend this is hard because I am pregnant but the fact is I am out of shape because it's been MONTHS since I've doe pilates, and I truly miss it!

6. I am now making homemade pizza. Well, Dave made the crust last week and froze some for me, but I still had to roll it out, shred the cheese and place the pepperonis lovingly around ALL BY MYSELF.

7. Skyped with my husband! Having the webcams will make a huge difference to not feeling so far apart! For those of you wondering (and why wouldn't you be!), he made it to Red Deer safe and sound after waking up to a snow storm here in Toronto and then landing in one in Calgary and having to take a bus that almost turned back around. He's settling in and his friend was picking him up to take him to get some groceries and a few other things.

8. Now I am blogging! I hope to get back to my Booking Through Thursday and Friday Fill-Ins this week!

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