Saturday, January 29, 2011

my first e-book

My parents were in town recently and my dad brought his Kindle along so I could try it. It was awesome! I've looked at the Kobo from Chapters a few times, but I found that the pages refreshed, or changed too slowly for me. The Kindle was faster for sure, plus my dad has the older generation and had seen my uncle's newest generation Kindle- and reported that it was even a bit faster and the contrast was indeed much better.

So.....I bought a Kindle!! HURRAY!! I must say though, I hate UPS. They definitely do not try to be convenient when it comes to delivery. Picking up packages-yes absolutely, but delivery no sir!! I won't go into details because I don't want to feel frustrated all over again, but my UPS centre in all of the GTA that allows you to come get your package, in Concord Ontario!! SERIOUSLY!! Well, really it's Vaughan, and only because it's on the north side of Steeles Ave, but I mean honestly, in a city this big, there is NOTHING DOWNTOWN!! AND they don't delivery on Saturday, nor can you go get your package on Saturday. Anyway, enough ranting about UPS, more about KINDLE!!

I am still trying to figure out how I can get library books for the Kindle, because the most common library e-books are ePUB format, and Kindle doesn't support that, so I either need to figure out how to convert those files, or something else. Thank goodness my husband will be back in town this week to help me figure this out. Well I guess I miss him a little bit too....OR A WHOLE LOT!!!

FYI-I wrote this post on Thursday-not whichever day I decided to schedule it to post!

Anyways, I have my Kindle and it's so light and easy to to hold with one hand, awesome for reading in bed, and it will be even awesomer when I am holding out baby!! Half way there!!


  1. Congratulations on your Kindle. I'm on my second one and I'm still loving it. While the library isn't a very good option with a Kindle, there are *lots* of free books available. Of course, there's all the classics, but also Tons of freebies direct from authors & publishers. For example, Baen books publishes SF & Fantasy books and they have over 100 free books you can download at

  2. thanks for the link- I'll check it out!!

  3. Let me know how the library borrowing goes, that would make an e-reader very appealing to me!

  4. it's a no go for the TPL and kindle! the kindle doesn't support the ePUB format and that's what almost all of the TPL books are...but I think the Kobo and Sony readers do.


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