Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review: Crow Lake

I loved Mary Lawson's Crow Lake. I was able to get completely lost in the setting, the characters, and the emotions.

Crow Lake was an amazing tale of tragedy, sacrifice, perseverance, loyalty, and above all else, family. Four siblings: Bo (2yrs I think), Kate, 7, Matt 17, and Luke 19 lose there parents in a car accident. what follows is the story of how they continue on with their lives, their devotion to one another, the mistakes they make, and the eventual strain and separation of a family.

The characters were so well written I felt like I knew each one of them and how the would act in a given situation. I can see myself laying in the grass examining the ponds with Kate and Matt; standing behind Bo and Kate as Matt and Luke fight in the living room; beside Kate as she comes across Matt and Marie, and felt utterly shocked by Marie's words to Kate, because I too was focused on the apparent tragedy of Matt's life!

As my parents were visiting last week it took me much longer than usual to read Crow Lake-and I think that this was a very good thing. It allowed me to truly absorb everything about this novel and reflect, instead of devouring it all at once. I tend to read the same way I eat chocolate-consuming it all at once without savoring the taste/read.

I highly recommend Crow Lake and would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this fantastic piece of Canadian fiction!

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  1. Sara,

    I'm glad you liked Crow Lake. Your review reminded me that I read the book. I'm not sure when and I can't imagine why I chose to do so. Ahh the memories.


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