Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sorry for the total lack of posts-it might not be much better this week! It was Dave's graduation on Monday the 14th and his Dad was in town until Thursday, Thursday night I had book club, and then my parents came in on Friday and will be here for 10 days. I have the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival this weekend as well as my usual baseball game on Sunday night. While I am on vacation this week-I may not be posting much. SORRY!!

Hope you're enjoying the beginning of summer-I know I am!!


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  1. A full week of visiting and celebration. What could be better. Enjoy your week of vacation, especially with your parents being in town. I have not doubt that you will have many activities planned and of course the occassional drink. Books will have to wait, but your time with family will be so special. Can't wait to hear about it all. Love you lots.


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