Monday, June 28, 2010

My week off in Toronto

Here are some pictures of what I was up to during my "hiatus" last week!
We took our bikes to the Toronto Islands (and my parents rented bikes) for a gorgeous 20km ride!!

We went to the Don Valley Brick Works-now known as the Evergreen Brick Works. again super hot day!! We had a really fun time watching the million little fish swarm and jump out of the water trying to get bits of food.

I had a picture from the Dragon Boat Festival but somehow it went away and Blogger is giving me and my pictures a VERY HARD TIME!

Some other things we did while my parents were visiting:
  • got pedicures (well just my mom and me)
  • went shopping to Vaughan Mills
  • walked down the waterfront
  • walked past all the crazy fencing (while we were still allowed to be in the area)
  • went bowling
  • played bocce ball
  • drove up to north york for burgers before my baseball game which ended up being canceled because it was POURING rain!
  • ate out at a vegetarian restaurant, thai-vietnamese, italian/pizza, and a steakhouse
  • drank beer, wine, and a gross recreation of a delicious shot we had one time at the James Joyce
  • watched the World Cup (while drinking the above)
  • chatted


  1. PERFECT. So glad you had the opportunity to do so much and have a great time. Envious of all the activities and the great weather, but more so of the one on one time that you had with each other. You so deserve quality time with your parents.

  2. Wow this Blog has really evolved...i'm impressed.

  3. Hi Sara - wow, I totally love your blog and am completely inspired! Love that you were a tourist in your own city. See you soon, I hope. C.

  4. I love that picture of the Brick Works!

  5. Wow I didn't realize how much we did until you put it in writing. We had such a fun time and always find something new to do or see when we're in Toronto. Loved the bike ride on the island and all the food, drink and especially the company of you and Dave! Thanks again for a great time I already miss you and look forward to another visit and your visit here to Wpg. Love You both!


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