Sunday, June 6, 2010

To do list: write blog posts

Sorry for the lack of posts!! I had a crazy fun weekend and didn't have much time. I did the 25km Ride for Heart this morning in the cold rainy wind with some friends and finished in an hour and a half!! I was terrified I might not make it and was super happy to finish in much less time than I was hoping. Our 5 person team Clotbusters was able to raise $1,350 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Many to thanks to our supports both financial and emotional!! This evening my slo-pitch team The Fockers had a game and we won 12-5 or 6 I think. It was a really great game, and I'm happy to be playing baseball again after a 9 year hiatus!

Coming up this week: at least two reading related posts, Booking Through Thursday, and potentially a beading related post!!

Way to go teams: Clotbusters and The Fockers!! (p.s. four fifths of team Clotbusters are also part of The Fockers!)

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