Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Review: The Stormchasers

I read Jenna Blum's The Stormchasers over the weekend-it was great!! I have always loved big loud thunderstorms-watching the lightening and the rain, and am fascinated by people that love crazy weather so much that they actually seek out storms-especially tornadoes!! In Blum's novel The Stormchasers, Kareena ends up going on a stromchasing tour because she gets a call from a medical facility about Charles her twin brother who she hasn't seen in 20 years! Charles is himself a stormchaser, but he is also bipolar. Kareena is desperate to find her brother and joins a stormchasing tour as part of the media (she's a journalist), and ends up having to drive her own car as the tour's van is full. At the eight of the first storm she is terrified and bails on the tour-and ends up having Kevin, one of the tour guides join her to make sure she stays safe!! There is romance in the air, but as Kevin reveals that he knows Charles, and that something terrible happened between them a few years ago and that they have not spoken since-we learn that Kareena and Charles have some dark history of their own. This was a fantastic book that deals with honesty, family relationships, love, and stormchasing!! It was pretty easy read-but I definitely had a hard time putting it down!! I highly recommend it! Also interesting-Blum is a stormchaser herself-COOL!!

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