Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Review: Once

So remember a little while ago when I said I didn't really like short stories? What you don't remember...well here is a refresher, and another. I was wrong. I do like short stories. Sometimes.

Rebecca Rosenblum's Once is the perfect example. I'm not sure how to go into a summary of this collection without dissecting each story, and I don't feel like doing that because I think I'll end up making the stories less interesting than they actually are. And that would unfortunate, because this is a collection worth reading!!  I used to always want more from short stories, but I am learning to take them for what they have to offer. In this case, I felt like I was part of each character's life, watching, listening...kind of like spying on them. Rosenblum writes such rich characters, I felt like there was something familiar in every story that reminded me of myself or someone I know (or knew). I like that. And I like Once. I think I maybe even LOVED it. Check it out!

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  1. Sounds interesting, another one to keep in mind. I just bought Freedom and haven't read it yet and I am interested in Secret Daughter and Good Daughters as well. Need a lot of snowy days or sun on the beach to read more.


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