Tuesday, October 19, 2010

that's it I QUIT!

Reading two books that is!! I rarely stop reading books I don't like (but I do!) especially if I'm more than 100 pages in. HOWEVER, this month alone I've quit two books!! A.S Byatt's The Children's Book and Janice Kulyk Keefer's The Ladies Lending Library. I just could NOT get into these books so I decided to allow myself to move on to greener pastures. I just started Yann Martel's Beatrice & Virgil and am very intrigued. I read Life of Pi when it first came out and I was way too young to "get it" so I didn't think I would read anymore of his work. I was at the library picking up some books on hold (including The Ladies Lending Library) when I saw B&V in the new books section. So I picked it up and here we are!
this is from the brickworks this summer-isn't it pretty?

Hope you're having a good week-happy reading :)


  1. I got worried when I saw the title of your post! Though maybe I should worry about the book-ditching, too :) Love the picture!

  2. Yeah, I totally agree on the Childrens'Book. Hated it and ditched it probably around the 100 page mark as well. Could not understand it at all. Am in the process of finishing The House at Riverton which I am enjoying quite a bit. I thought you might be ditching your blog, I was worried cause I like to read it!!!! Keep it up!


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