Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And now for a little beading

With a title like Reading, beading, and more reading, I better get some beading in here!! This is a picture of a bracelet I designed and created! My friend B. introduced me to beading sometime last year-and I love it! I generally copy designs and I don't feel bad about it one bit because I'm not selling anything, I make it for myself! I am quite proud of this bracelet because I came up with it ALL BY MYSELF and I even picked out the beads without any input!!

I mostly make earrings and necklaces, this is the 2nd or 3rd bracelet, and definitely my favorite!! I really like making earrings as gifts, so if you know me and haven't received a pair as a gift, chances are you will. It's kind of hard giving them away though because once I've finished a piece I generally love it and don't want to part with it! So if you have received a piece from me-you know it was made with love!!


  1. Yeah that bracelet is my favourite too! Make me one like it!!!

  2. is this where we put our requests?
    Also yay for the honourable mention!!

    I definitly need to catch up on some of your favourite books...but was happy to see I've read a handful of them.

  3. Sara,

    I deleted my previous post because of a typo. I think your blog, and bracelet, are great.

    Jesse V.

  4. Thanks for all the support!!

  5. I love the bracelet (and the picture of the bracelet)!

  6. Looks great Sara - I think I will pick one of your top ten books for my March pick!

  7. thanks sandra :) but wait-i've read them all!!!!!!

  8. I wondered who "B" was! I have another friend who has started making her own jewelry, and she's selling similar stuff for major bucks! That's a gorgeous bracelet, can't wait to see more pics!


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