Sunday, January 17, 2010

Number 1

So now I have a blog. I'm a blogger. I know I'm supposed to have a great title to grab your (who are you anyway??) attention, and then have an incredibly interesting post to keep you coming back for more. So how do I do that?? I guess I have to decide what to write about. Well, I love to read, and that's my starting point. I am never at a loss for words so I always have something to say about any given topic so I guess we'll just see where this goes. I say "we" in the hopes that you, yes YOU, will come along for the ride.
You never know this could be fun....


  1. Sara,
    It's great that you have a blog! I've strapped myself in for the ride and look forward to where ever you go.
    Blog on,
    Jesse V

  2. Awesome! I've subscribed to you under my google reader, so I'll catch all your posts!


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