Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exploring new places

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I came across this really neat website: BiblioTravel. It allows you to search and add books based upon where they are set. I have always loved reading books that are set in the city I live in, or cities I've visited, it makes me feel connected to the book and the characters. I love coming across a familiar intersection or landmark in a book! It's sort of corny I guess but I love the feeling of "Hey I know where that is" or "I've been there!!!".
Check it out-I recommend looking up the city you live in, or somewhere you're planning on traveling to!

Let me know of anything interesting you come across on this site!!


  1. I have been waiting for someone in the family to write. I just signed in to bibliotravel and I love it. I am always looking for books that involve places where I have been especially in Europe and also for places that I want to go to in the future. So thanks for that!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it-I thought you might like to check out Provence or Paris!!

  3. Well good for you! I'd like to hear about this photography you're into...


    P.S. I feel sad that I couldn't figure out how to put my name on here and Mom did, so I had to put Anonymous.

  4. well it's quasi scrapbooking and photography-i finally started printing my pictures and then i "scrapbook" a little intro page!

    as for putting your name: under the comment as section pick Name/URL and just leave the URL part blank.

  5. Interesting list of books. Haven't finished the Book of Negroes yet but it is certainly a tense description of man's inhumanity to man. Too bad it continues in its many forms to this day - think Rwanda, Sudan etc The Gargoyle was a unique read and a mammoth task for a first time writer - at least I think it was his first one published. Simple reincarnation can't explain how she still had the books several hundred years later -- otherwise it would have been easier to grasp the possibilities. I guess it is a simple message of you can have it "all" and still be a lost soul. The disfigurement by fire and learning how to be loved and love transcends the more popular myth that beauty and money is the only path to fulfilment. Interesting treatment of people's perceptions of organized religion and psyhcology are also intriguing underlying themes. I would have to agree it one of the better books I have read recently.

  6. One of the things I like most about the Gargoyle was how vividly he wrote about what it felt like to burn-I had to close the book a number of times on the subway because it felt so real to me.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts TP!

  7. Why did Toilet Paper write on your blog?


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