Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's official-Canada Reads 2010 Challenge

I was off work sick today. Boo! Hopefully it was just because of something I ate last night, and not something related to an outbreak, but either way I felt awful today, and I can't go back to work until Friday (according to the Occupational Health Department). I slept and read on and off, and finished the first of my Canada Reads books-I'll post about that later when I feel more up to it. I will post on the Origin of Species though as that one is mostly done already.

In regards to the Canada Reads-after some perusing on the internet, I came across an awesome blog: Roughing It In The Books…someone almost always dies in the end. It turns out these ladies are running a Canada Reads 2010 challenge with the goal being to read all five books, participate in discussions about the books, and guess who will be the winner of Canada Reads 2010-and there's even a contest!! I love the idea of reading the books with others and will definitely be signing up to join!

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