Friday, January 29, 2010

Generation X - My first Canada Reads Review!!

WELL! That was a surprise! After a good 10 years of adamantly hating all ofDouglas Coupland's writing, it turns out that I don't! I read Microserf's last year based on a friend's recommendation and BARELY made it through. I actually considered giving up at least twice-and if you know me you know that I ALWAYS finish my books!

When I realized that Generation X was one of the Canada Read's books, I had serious doubts about committing to the challenge. I decided to read Generation X first in order to get it out of the way, so as not to spend the next month dreading it. BUT-lo and behold I actually quite liked the book!

Coupland's writing was witty and not nearly as pretentious as I though it would be. When I first opened the book and saw cartoons and definitions sprinkled along the margins I honestly cringed-but upon reading the book I totally loved them!! They really added to the vibe! There were no major "oh my god did that actually happen" or "a-ha" moments for me-but I have to say the character development was excellent (character development has apparently become more and more important to me).

I found Generation X to be quite clever and often found myself smiling throughout the book (which would normally make me super self-conscious on the subway, but since I was home sick-and alone-I occasionally indulged in a true LOL).

On a side note-did you know Douglas Coupland designed a park in Toronto. I noticed it last year on the way to dragon boat practice when we (M and B and me) were driving down the Gardiner (or was it Lakeshore-I forget I wasn't driving) and I noticed a big red canoe off to the north! Pretty neat!!

It will be quite interesting to see how the other 4 Canada Reads selections pan out!

Have you read any of Douglas Coupland's books? Fiction or non-fiction? What did you think?


  1. Hmmm...I might try this one, then. I tried one of Coupland's books (Eleanor Rigby) in the past but gave up about 1/3 of the way through. Good thing it was a library book!

  2. Oh, I better clarify that this is SLP Janelle, b/c I know you have other Janelles in your life!

  3. Awesome picture! I am definitely a Douglas Coupland fan and have really enjoyed most of his books I've read (Microserfs most of all! Generation A least of all). Maybe Hey Nostradamus would be a good one to try next if you are interested after you finish your Canada Reads books!

  4. Thanks for clarifying Janelle :)

    might take you up on that offer Marcia...I'll put it on "my list" at your place tonight.


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