Thursday, January 21, 2010

reading on the subway

I have never been able to read while in the car. When we moved to Toronto without a car and I got a job with a 40-45 minute commute I was quite concerned! How would I pass the time? I am NOT a morning person, and have never been one to strike up a chat with strangers. While listening to music is enjoyable, I would rather be reading!

I figured that left me with my good old Ipod and I assumed I would have to rely on audiobooks again!! I got into audiobooks in grad school when my eyes were too tired to read after pouring over textbooks and planning therapy sessions. I NEED TO READ before bed. It's how I relax. Since I couldn't read my books I decided to listen to them I listen before bed, driving to and from class, and driving from school in North Dakota/Minnesota back home to Winnipeg. I went through all of the Harry Potter Books (after reading them twice already), made my way as an adult through The Chronicles of Narnia, a number of Dan Brown's books (Deception Point very nearly ended up smashed to pieces on I-29 thanks to the nagging voice of the narrator), and a few chick-lit novels as well! I loved every minute of my audioboks, but boy was I glad when grad school was done and I could finely get my hands on real live PAPER books!!

So back to reading on the subway-I CAN READ ON THE SUBWAY!! By some miracle unknown to me (because I still can't read in the car without waves of nausea coursing through my body), I can now get through page after page after page with no problem!! With 90 minutes of (usually) uninterrupted reading every day, I can almost get my fill of reading....almost!

The New York Times has an article about top reads on the subway. I've read 6/21 of the Top Books! How about you? Have you read any of the top magazines, books, or newspapers?


  1. I have read Three of the 21 books listed in the New York times. I also cannot read in a car, but when I was living in Edmonton I used to take the bus and found out I could read on the bus but to this day I also cannot read in the care as I fell sick to my stomach if I do. As to audio books, I don't where this came from but I really, really do not like someone readingto me and if I put an audio book on when we travel, I fall asleep so I don't every listen to a book while I alone am driving! Yes I agree there is nothing better than a paperback, I don't know if its the feel or smell of paper but I love a book in my hands as opposed to Audio. How about people with the new tech readers? How does that compare to a hard copy/paperback Book?

  2. your awesome sara. but i think a blog on beer pong would be your cup of tea.

  3. I love audiobooks when travelling/commuting, but cannot read in a moving vehicle or I'll feel totally gross. I cannot even fathom using a Kindle...I like the physicality of turning pages, bending a few pages to peek ahead, and being able to really see how much I've read & how much I have left!

  4. I'll try to work that into a future post evan!

    Janelle-I agree with you about the kindle-I also love the smell of books-well new books-not old and musty ones or the ones with strange stains from the library.


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