Thursday, May 6, 2010


WOW!!! Did you notice my stats counter at the bottom of the page!!!! My blog has had ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN views!!! That's awesome. I will avoid looking on the official stats page to see how many are actually me (probably 600) and how many are my mom (probably 390).
But seriously, thanks to all my readers!! Especially my mom, Doris, and Marcia!! I might have other regulars but these three ladies leave me the most comments (or tell them to me in person)!!

Whether you read regularly, once in a while, or just stopped by-THANKS! I do love comments, but if you are more comfortable just reading THAT'S OK TOO!! I've had people say they feel awkward leaving comments, so I understand but don't forget: #1 If you leave me a comment-even just a "HI", I know you've read my post and it makes me SO HAPPY, and #2 You can always leave it anonymous, or use an alias!!

Here are some THANK YOU flowers from me to you
... well ok from my mom to me last Easter, and now to you!


  1. You're welcome! I love reading this and also seeing what other people are reading, doing etc.
    I'd have to have a serious hunt for pictures of the raccoons in the bird feeder but I do think we have one somewhere!

  2. I should admit that I subscribe to you in my google reader, & I don't think that shows up in your page views!

  3. ps I secretly love the fact that you know more than one Janelle, and you can't really tell which one I am!

  4. hmmm not sure if it does or would that make it more like 1020 or 400 000 000?

    whenever i see your name I always have a quick second where i wonder which janelle it is, but you're the only one that has left comments so i know it's you!! :)

  5. Hi Sara.. I'm just saying hi to make you happy so that you keep writing !!

    I really enjoy your blog but I enjoy it commentfree!

  6. Thanks Marlene!! I am having a grumpy day (for absolutely no reason-honestly) and this made me smile!!

  7. I followed a link from BTT to your blog. I'm adding it to my blogroll to remind me to drop by from time to time. It's so nice to read about books that other people enjoy.

  8. Thanks for stopping by Elsi-I'll be checking out your blog as well!


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