Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raccoons: Totally unrelated to reading or beading

Isn't he cute?

Well not at 3:30am he's not!! I was woken up yesterday morning by what I am fairly sure were raccoons (or Raykens as Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys calls them) in the throes of death…or maybe fighting, or maybe mating. Either way, raccoons make the most awful sounds. If you haven't heard them, then trust me on this one. I had to close the window (and I live on the 10th floor!!) and could hear other people in the building doing the same!

Nothing says good morning like high pitched pterodactyl, I mean raccoon shrieking.

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Arnold


  1. 3:30 is when they woke me up, too! That must be party time in raccoon land. I don't mind the cute chattery sound but the screaming lady sound is terrifying.

  2. PS--that raccoon is amazingly cute. I'm sure he only makes the cute noises.

  3. Didn't know that you guys were so close to wildlife in Downtown Toronto. Makes life in LaSalle sound dull!!!! I sleep with our window open every night and the only thing we hear are a few frogs and/or our Mourning Dove (my most favorite sound to wake up to or fall asleep to).
    Week-ends are certainly different, that's teenagers partying in our backlane, swearing and talking nonsense,(annoying to say the least).

  4. We used to have them crawl down our old house on Woodstock and the whole family would eat in our birdfeeder. But I don't remember them making horrible noises. Or maybe that's the one noise Dad and I to this day cannot say what was in the bush behind our house! It was a very, very strange sound!

  5. Marcia- I think it must have been ugly raccoons that we heard!

    Doris- those "teenagers partying"....are they my parents?

    Mom- Don't you guys have a picture of the raccoons in the bird feeder?


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