Saturday, May 8, 2010

(Childhood) library shame

Sometime in elementary school I got in trouble for not returning a book that I had no recollection of ever checking out. For some children that might not be uncommon-but for me it was, on 2 fronts actually.

1. I loved to read so much that I am positive I would have remembered taking out the book and reading it (because I would have read it and remembered it)

2. I WOULD NEVER LOSE A BOOK!! Especially considering I always followed the rules as a kid and to not return the book would equal getting in trouble and I was TERRIFIED of getting in trouble as a kid (I pretty much still am).

The interesting thing is, I remember them showing me the card with my name in MY WRITING!!! (Remember when you used to write your name on the card to check out a book, and then the librarian stamped it AND your book with the return date?) I was mortified-how could I SIGN OUT A BOOK AND LOSE IT!!! I remember I was adamant to the librarian and my parents that I HAD NEVER SEEN THIS BOOK. I remember feeling ashamed but I stuck to my guns because I knew(know) that I did not check out that book. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!?!??

Well, I was telling this story to a friend this week and her almost immediate response was "They probably had the cards mixed up in the book".

Ummm why did this thought never occur to me? Ever? And I'll be honest with you, I think about this story often (not every day often, but maybe once every few months-over like 20 years, so you think this possibility might have entered my head!!)

I still remember the book to this day(it haunts me): Incognito Mosquito.


  1. Wow you really must have been traumatized by this. I'm sorry you were but now you can let it go. Hope I didn't get angry too much back then I don't remember but I'm sure you do. Love Ya!

  2. You are so funny. That reminds me of being haunted for probably 20 years by the memory of my brother's big stuffed panda coming to get me, until it was pointed out that my sister had probably been walking along behind it to scare me.

  3. This post is hilarious! Its amazing how sometimes the smallest things from childhood stay with you...and I love that you are a fierce rule follower. Hopefully you aren't so hard on yourself anymore...otherwise you may still be thinking about that progress note you put in the wrong spot ;)


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