Saturday, May 1, 2010

too busy to read??

I've always maintained that I "don't have a lot going on here in Toronto" and that's why I read can read so much. A friend recently reminded me of all the "things" that I do in fact have on my plate including among other things: book club, blogging, pilates, crochet, a knitting class, beading/making jewelry, a husband, and friends. So yes I do have stuff "going on" here, thanks again Meghan. I guess what I should say is that since our families and a large group of our friends don't live here, we have a whole lot less going on than we would if we were in Winnipeg.

Now that I have recognized the things that keep me busy, I have a few more to add to the list this spring. I've finally (after 9 years) joined a baseball team again, a mixed-slo-pitch team. We've practiced a few Sundays now, had a few canceled by rain. I'm also trying to do pilates twice a week (again thanks to Meghan!). I started dragon boat practice again, every Wednesday until the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival June 19-20. I've also made it out to a few awesome concerts (Said The Whale, We Are The Take), and some sophisticated evenings of wine drinking with friends. (By sophisticated I mean...umm....sophisticated, ya let's stick with that). On top of that we've started our annual spring/summer -what shall we call it...ah- extravaganza of visitors. (I love it...2010 visitor extravaganza! We've got at least 5 possibly 6 sets scheduled already with 2, well technically 3 down!)

Needless to say I honestly do feel like I've had less time to read-and although I miss reading so much, I'm really enjoying all of these other activities too! I will however put more of an effort to get out posts!


  1. Sara, remember when you were going to school, and by that I mean, doing your degree and masters for Speech Language you could hardly wait to have time for fun reading! Well, that's just it! You do reading for fun, entertainment and because it's a passion for you so don't apologize for not having time. Life gives you lots of options and one of them is reading. And looking at what you are doing right now you are doing a lot so enjoy whatever you are doing at that moment! I must say though that you are creating more things for us visitors to do and go see ie; dragonboat and baseball! On another note, I just finished reading The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger. I really enjoyed this novel, and it was a GG Winner! Dad and I just came back from Chapters and we got an ireward card and had a Buy one Get one 1/2 price off coupon in the paper as well . I got Sarah's Key,
    90 Minutes in Heaven, The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt it is a Man Booker Prize book, and Ysabel by a Canadian writer Guy Gavriel Kay who has also written a trilogy of books as well as other novels after Ysabel. I can hardly wait to read them. Oh, yeah also a Frommers Book on Italy 2010 and we also looked at the new KOBO from Chapters Indigo. It would be much easier to travel with an KOBO or something like that cause books take up more weight in a suitcase!!! And I need more room for shoes and clothes!

  2. Thanks for your "short" message mom :)


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