Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Review: Paris Times Eight

Deirdre Kelly's Paris Times Eight: Finding Myself in the City of Dreams was exactly the kind of book I needed!! Paris Times Eight is divided into eight chapters, each devoted to a trip Kelly took to Paris, the city of her dreams, from the time she was a high school graduate "au pair" to fashion reporter, to a mother with her two children. I loved how Paris had something different to offer to her at each stage of her life, and how although Paris was the city of her dreams she was not completely disillusioned to how harsh it can be. I definitely recommend this book if you're in the mood for something light-it's not fluff but it is a fairly quick read!

I just started Jose Saramago's Baltazar and Blimunda on the way to work today. I was finding it hard to get into when I got on the subway and it didn't get any easier when the subway shut down between St. George and Pape. At this point I was standing around waiting for a shuttle bus that never came, so I stopped reading and ended up walking from St. George to Castle Frank Station (approx. 2.5km), got a cab, and then got back on the subway at Donlands. I wasn't really in the mood for trying to get into a tough book-so now I'm not sure if I'll keep going or start something else.


  1. I gave this book to your sister Carolyn for Christmas and I also read it. I liked it as well cause I love Paris myself and would love to visit it again someday! And yes the first time I saw Paris was with you and your sister and we did a ton of things and lots of walking and I remember it being a whirlwind and when I visited it again in 2007 almost 10 years later with your Dad we had a great time but this time we saw some churches that we didn't see the first time and the Musee D'Orsay and Monets'Gardens and just walked around and sat at cafes people watching. I know there are more places to visit in Paris and I kinda feel that way about Toronto because everytime we come there are more places to walk to and sit at cafes, taverns and people watch as well with the added bonus of you being there and no language barrier.

  2. In case you didn't know who your sister's Carolyn. I read this book but didn't love it. I can't remember why now but some parts made me mad. I felt that although they made it seem she wasn't blinded by her assumption that Paris was the most beautiful city in the world I felt frustrated that she kept going back when it kept shutting her down. I guess some could say she was resiliant and had guts but I just thought it was silly and that she should move on with her life and try somewhere Montpellier!


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