Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: While My Sister Sleeps

Barbara Delinsky's While My Sister Sleeps is a family's agonizing ordeal with 30 something Robin's sudden heart attack. Robin, a superstar runner well on her way to the Olympics has a heart attack while training-leaving her sister, brother, parents, friends, and jilted lover trying to accept that Robin is brain dead and reeling with the decisions of maintaining life support and organ donation. Along the way a few secrets come out and the family wonders how well they really knew Robin.

I often talk about whether or not I find people-especially families-believable, and in this case I thought Delinski did a great job. The characters were flawed but realistic-the only problem was that I wasn't attached to any of them. I don't think any of these characters resemble anyone in my family. The story was mainly told from Molly's perspective-Robin's younger sister. Begin so close to my sister I expected to feel very emotional while reading but I didn't, not once. I guess I should be grateful that I wasn't crying on the subway!!

P.S. When I read the title of this book I immediately thought of the Lurlene McDaniels books I used to read as a teenager. To be honest-it kind of followed the same plot lines I remember-but with adults-so kind of like what I think of Jodi Picoult even though I've only read one of her books.


  1. I think I know what you mean about the characters. The storyline itself was interesting but I never felt I got to know the people--even the main sister. On a side note, I totally read those depressing young adult books, too!

  2. Definately had a collection of the teenage books...and once you've read one Jodi Picoult book you've read them all..kinda like Dan Brown!


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